Mitter: My favorite Ubuntu Linux Twitter client

Since I’ve been into twitter recently, I’m was looking for a twitter client that is suitable for my operating system. Thank god that search ended when I found mitter.

Among mitter features are :

  • clean interface: simple and easy to use
  • supports docking on systray
  • nicely integrated with GNOME desktop
  • has console client

Bonus for Ubuntu users : mitter is also available from one-click-install portal

What are you waiting for? catch me on twitter (id: mypapit)

7 Replies to “Mitter: My favorite Ubuntu Linux Twitter client”

  1. Thanks Jonathon, for the comment. Indeed twitter has changed its login scheme to oAuth thus clients based on the old authentication protocol will not work until they are fixed.

  2. I just installed Debian Lenny and needed a new twitter client. Mitter is wonderful – very clean, very basic; thanks for the heads up. [I think I went over 140 characters] :-(

  3. eheem…sori kalu salah komen. cuma aku nak tny ada ruang lg ke nak menyumbang link kat ubuntu planet tue?

    kalu ada minta tolong bubuh link aku ye.. :D

  4. Hi.
    I recomend you to use Twitux. I have not tried this one, but I can tell you that Twitux is a very good twitter client.

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