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  1. Hello Mohammad Hafiz,

    My name is Othman, I am a 20 years french student in international trade. My father is engineer in Computer Science. While he was looking for information about Ubuntu on your site he saw you were from Malaysia. He sent me then your blog’s URL in order to contact you.
    I am currently looking for an internship in a Malaysian Company so I would like to have some information about Malaysia or contacts ( Malaysian companies’ names who operate in B2B or B2D).

    Thank you very much.

  2. Hi Hafiz, I’m Yeep from Robust, a render farm service provider. I found your blog through google when searching for Linux talents.

    We currently have a project that required to manage 40 Linux node, want to find someone who is proficient with Linux to join our team for the project, either on remote or permanent basis. Would you be keen to discuss further on this?

    Let me know ya, thanks!

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