How to install Ubuntu from hard disk (without CDROM)

There are times when you need to (re-)install Ubuntu on your computer and at the same time you are in situation where booting from CD-ROM is not possible.

Luckily I found a post from Deepblue Spaces: Install Ubuntu 8.04 from Hard Disk that contains step-by-step to start Ubuntu installer from the official Ubuntu ISO.

  • It involves downloading the Official Ubuntu ISO from
  • Extracting /casper/vmlinuz and /casper/initrd.gz from the ISO file.
  • And modifying /grub/menu.lst file to include the boot the cd image.

For more information, please refer to the original tutorial : Deepblue Spaces: Install Ubuntu from Hard Disk.

This trick is particularly handy when you are installing Ubuntu from a computer with buggy BIOS or where CD-ROM is not readily available

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