OpenOffice- Howto Print Multiple Slides (Handout) in One page

There are times when you want to print multiple presentation slides in one page, especially when you are making handouts to give away to your audiences. Here’s how you can do that easily using Impress.

First click at the “Handouts” tab.

Printing Multiple slides on a single page in

Then you will see the slides arranged on a single page. Typical number of slides is usually between 4-6 on a single page. You can select layouts option to determined the number of slides.

OpenOffice Handouts

Alternatively, you can change the page layout to to Landspace to give it a “wider” feeling to your handouts. Just right click and select Page Layout.

OpenOffice Handouts

OpenOffice Handouts

Finally you can print your handouts by selecting File->Print, and clicking Options at the bottom of the Print Dialog. Select Handouts, and print the documents as usual.

How to print OpenOffice Handouts Slides

That’s all, hope it will help you in your daily works.