FunPidgin – a fork of Pidgin Instant Messenger

I found out today that Pidgin project has been forked, using the name FunPidgin. In addition of the stock Pidgin features, FunPidgin offers :

  • “Text area manual sizing” a plugin by Artemy Kapitula that allows manual resizing of the entry area
  • An option to set the size of the buddy icons displayed in the chat window.
  • An option to let the window manager place new windows.
  • Two different ways of seeing that your buddies are typing.
  • An optional send button for Tablet PC users

I’m not going to elaborate the reason behind the fork as you can read it on the internet. But personally I think FunPidgin wouldn’t last long if they continue to make major changes from its parent project.

Currently FunPidgin is available from FunPidgin Sourceforge Project Website

3 Replies to “FunPidgin – a fork of Pidgin Instant Messenger”

  1. hi myapit!
    do you remenber me? we meet periodically at #ubuntu-my and #ubuntu-id.

    hm… i’m using pidgin tooo! i love pigdin!

  2. The behavior change cant be made possible with plugin. I needs to be changed in the core application itself. Its a good thing for a free software where people can change the behavior at will. but if they made a lot of changes that deviates far from the upstream, i dont think it FunPidgin will be there for long

  3. It looks promising but i think it’s better if instead of forking out from the main project totally. The fork exist as an unofficial plugins for Pidgin. So the development between upstream versus fork would not diverge too far.

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