Microsoft Windows XP on vanilla AMD decTOP (Geode) – wished Linux GUI is this light

This is a continuation from my post of running Android on my AMD decTOP machine.

Of all Linux distribution that I tried, I found out that only Puppy Linux offered a usable GUI desktop environment on a plain vanilla AMD decTOP out of the box, but that is not without some effort on the installer side.

On the other hand, it is very easy to get Windows XP running on a plain vanilla AMD decTOP, without additional hardware upgrades. Here is my prove.

It seems Windows XP is more tolerant to low end desktops (or in this case, decTOP) than Linux operating system for fully GUI environment. Are we getting bloated?

AMD decTOP specs
Processor: AMD Geode GX 500, 366 MHz clock rate

3 Replies to “Microsoft Windows XP on vanilla AMD decTOP (Geode) – wished Linux GUI is this light”

  1. I love the dectop, even thou they are not the fastest. had 2 dectops during the last years running as ubuntu server.
    currently i am trying to install windows xp on one of them.
    which drivers did you use for the dectop? so far I didn’t find neither the network card nor audio neither video driver.

    thanks in advance,

  2. It’s not bloat, it’s features. You want light GUI, then FluxBox is what you’re looking for.

    Personally I think this would make a good thin client desktop.

  3. Yeah, but who would want to run any apps with only 128Mb of RAM. Sure Windows XP runs ok…but I imagine it stops there.

    I submit to you that this machine would make a far better linux server or router (sans the Xorg) than a windows desktop or any kind.

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