How to disable touchpad in Ubuntu Netbook Remix

Here’s how to temporarily disable the touchpad control on Ubuntu Netbook Remix for those who were always accidently ‘clicked’ or ‘touched’ the touchpad while typing long sentences.

Disabling Touchpad

  • Go to the Ubuntu Netbook Remix main screen
  • Select ‘Preference’, then ‘Mouse’
How to disable touchpad

Untick the touchpad checkbox. The touchpad would be disabled until you you change the option back.

6 Replies to “How to disable touchpad in Ubuntu Netbook Remix”

  1. In version 10.04 there is no option to disable touchpad completely, only while typing. I think they should add it back. I hate my touchpad, I use a real mouse.

  2. Can you disable in 9.10? It only appears to let you disable while typing. I’d like to turn mine right off because I use a mouse and I always touch pad while typing. It is very frustrating…

  3. Does this work with the regular desktop edition too. I have seen many people use the desktop edition and have the same issue.

    suggestion :- if possible show the preceding screenshots as well so people know what to look for. Sometimes it is easier.

  4. Thanks for giving us information about how can we disable our touch pad in ubuntu Netbook Remixv. I appreciate your effort for this.

    Thanks & Regards
    Angelina Adams

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