How to disable touchpad in Ubuntu Netbook Remix

Here’s how to temporarily disable the touchpad control on Ubuntu Netbook Remix for those who were always accidently ‘clicked’ or ‘touched’ the touchpad while typing long sentences.

Disabling Touchpad

  • Go to the Ubuntu Netbook Remix main screen
  • Select ‘Preference’, then ‘Mouse’
How to disable touchpad

Untick the touchpad checkbox. The touchpad would be disabled until you you change the option back.

How to save laptop battery when using Ubuntu Linux

When you are working outside with your laptop, the most important thing that you might consider is to maximize your battery lifetime. This is true especially when you are working on location where AC power is not readily available.

Laptop mypapit

Typical laptop might last from 1.5 hour to 3 hours of normal use. So you might want to squeeze out all the battery juice and put it to good use.

Here are a few tips that I got from surfing the internet to save battery life when you are using Ubuntu (or GNU Linux OS in general) :

The friendly Old Battery Warning in Ubuntu

Ubuntu is friendly enough to provide a nice and friendly warning to me about the status of the laptop battery that I currently use. With Microsoft Windows (at least Windows XP), the laptop simply dies when the battery looses its juice.

old and broken battery warning

Its nice to have this sort of reminder when you really need to change the battery.

Get cool “Powered by Ubuntu” sticker locally in Malaysia

Are you one of Ubuntu users? Then you can proudly display it with one of the “Powered by Ubuntu” stickers stamped on your computers. The only problem was, it used to be difficult to get one of those stickers as they were not offered in Malaysia.

Fortunately, Kebayan IT now offers “Powered by Ubuntu” stickers with reasonable price in Malaysia. They offers RM3/piece (without shipping) for the stickers, with each piece contains 9 “Powered by Ubuntu” stickers in various color.

Now you can turn this

In to this

How cool was it? Please visit Kebayan IT Ubuntu Stickers website for more information.

Using Intel Core 2 Duo can turn you into a teenage girl

No real updates today, just a video I got from NetworkWold which caught my eye. Its about a boy suddenly turned into a teenage girl by the sheer power of Intel Core 2 Duo laptop. Upon learning that, he/she started to grope his/her own breast. I never thought Intel would ever make such commercials, but then again, japan has all the weirdest commercials.

There are weirder and more disturbing commercials in that site btw.