The friendly Old Battery Warning in Ubuntu

Ubuntu is friendly enough to provide a nice and friendly warning to me about the status of the laptop battery that I currently use. With Microsoft Windows (at least Windows XP), the laptop simply dies when the battery looses its juice.

old and broken battery warning

Its nice to have this sort of reminder when you really need to change the battery.

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  2. I would be happy if Ubuntu was also able to warn when power level goes low, something fundamental to laptop usage. But no, it simply dies suddently with no prior alert. One of the most annoying bugs of Ubuntu 8.04

  3. it is interested.Now has not been able to determine that this is really, but hoped that can have this technology. Our battery can use for a long time

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  5. it really irritating when in between typing on a important mail suddenly the laptops starts beeping indicating low battery and unfortunately u dont have a power cord

  6. great info!

    one of the great part in ubuntu. more time with ubuntu, more interesting thing that we can enjoy!

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