Thoughts about Android Marshmallow 6.0 Permission model

I hope it is the rumored granular permission mode. But if it resembles anything in this SMH article, then it sounds like JavaME permission model all over again :p

Marshmallow also streamlines the “permissions” model for users to install and upgrade apps.
Users running certain apps will not need to grant any permissions when they install or upgrade, and the applications instead request permissions as it needs them.

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Checking if website is Mobile-Friendly

Google has announced that they will take Mobile-Friendly site into account when indexing sites. Thus, it is prudent to ensure the particular website that you’re maintaining is mobile friendly.

There are two main tools released by Google for testing if the website is Mobile-Friendly:

  1. Google Mobile Friendly Test
  2. PageSpeed Insights

However, personally I like PageSpeed Insights tool better because it gave more in-depth explanation on how to improve my site.


Have fun trying out.

How to convert between sqlite2 and sqlite3 database

Here’s a short guide on how to convert between sqlite2 to sqlite3 database file:

sqlite2 /path/to/mysqlite2.db .dump > backupfile
sqlite3 /path/to/mynewsqlite3.db < backupfile

Using the same method, you can convert sqlite3 db to sqlite2 db too!

p/s: Why you need to convert? because embedded device (read: iPhone and Android) only supports sqlite3 database, while PHP 5 by default supports sqlite2 database.

Thus, this method provide a convenient way to convert between the two different version of sqlite db format.

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Ubuntu One Files client for Android phones

Ubuntu One Files for Android is an application written by Micha? Karnicki as part of Google Summer of Code Project (GSoC) 2010. The client is licensed under the GNU Affero GPL v3 and its source code is available from Launchpad.

Google Android Ubuntu One files

The application lets you synchronize your phone contacts, files and photo gallery on the cloud automatically. Ubuntu One files also offers convenient feature to change the visibility of your files, making it easier for you to share files with the rest of the world.

Ubuntu One Files is also available on the Android Market, free of charge.

Note: Ubuntu One is a service similar to that enables you to store your files on the cloud. You do not need to be an Ubuntu user to use Ubuntu One. Each registered user are given 2GB space for free.

Example Code: How to Send SMS from PHP (via Clickatell)

Hi there, due to popular demand (requests sent to my personal email – mypapit -at-

I decided to share my old post regarding my simple SendSMS php class which can help php developers to send SMS from their web application


$sendsms = new SendSMS(“username”,”password”,”HTTP POST API key”);

/* if the login return 0, means that login failed, you cant send sms after this */
if ( ($sendsms->login()) == 0 ) {
die( “failed”);

/*other wise, you can send sms using the simple send() call*/
$sendsms->send(“0132073011″,”can you receive this message? Hello there….”);


To use SendSMS class, you need:

That’s it.. contact me if you’ve more questions

Download SendSMS PHP class (version 0.5)