Linux Kernel Hacking Lessons from LinuxChix

Those who are interested in understanding the Linux Kernel, and wants to be a Linux Kernel Developer might find this website interesting as a stating point, the LinuxChix Kernel Hacking Lessons.

Structured in an easy to follow lessons, the whole online course designed to make you familiar with the kernel development tools, linux system calls and the overview of the kernel source code structure. The course comes in 10 lessons which you may find it interesting as it offers simplified explanation and practical examples :

  1. Lesson #0: Check for Materials
  2. Lesson #1: Get the Kernel Source
  3. Lesson #2: Configure Your Kernel
  4. Lesson #3: Compile Your Kernel
  5. Lesson #4: Boot Your New kernel
  6. Lesson #5: Your First printk
  7. Lesson #6: Overview of the Kernel Source
  8. Lesson #7: Understanding System Calls
  9. Lesson #8: Your First kernel Module
  10. Lesson #9: Creating, Applying and Submitting Patches

Visit LinuxChix Kernel Hacking Lessons. for more information.

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