How to convert *.docx files (Microsoft Office 2007) online for free

Sometimes you might have no choice except to open Microsoft Office 2007 (*.docx) files that you’ve just received in your email. The problem is, you do not have any other application that support Office 2007 format.

Here’s an easy way to (kinda) solve that problem, you can convert Microsoft Office 2007 files online, using Google Docs.

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The steps are easy, you need to login into your Google Docs account, then upload the Office 2007 files. After that, you can choose the “Download file as” option to convert the file to your favorite document format (typically OpenDocument or older *.doc Microsoft Office word document).

Bear in mind that the conversion is not 100% perfect and there will be parts of document that won’t look exactly as the original ones.

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  1. Most popular office systems support docx format. I use it with OpenOffice with no problem. But if I need to open docx and I don’t have any text editors that supports it I use GoogleDocs too.

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