Catch me at MSCOSConf 2009 – a talk about mobile application development

Hey guys, a quick update, I’m going to give a talk on MSC Malaysia OSConf 2009. For your information.

MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference is an international forum for sharing and exchanging ideas and thoughts on the advancements, business opportunities and the development of open source application development. The conference is organized into 3 tracks (Business, Developers and Community) which feature speakers from their respective fields.

Among the prominent speakers will be featured on MSC OSConf :

  • Chris DiBona
  • Anthony Baxter
  • Wai Kit Lau
  • Dinesh Nair
  • Redhuan D. Oon
  • Gen Kanai

More importantly I will also present a paper (titled: Mobile application development using Open Source Software) at the conference, my talk is featured on day 4 in the Developers Track.

Please refer to MSCOSConf main website and the microsite for more information on how to participate in the conference.

6 Replies to “Catch me at MSCOSConf 2009 – a talk about mobile application development”

  1. Pit, how’s the cd business? still going on perhaps… good to you man. Congrat for being a speaker at the prestigious conf.

  2. I don’t think I can visit OSCONF during office hour, but I’ll try to meet you at nite if time permits ;)

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