ubuntu-ms: Let’s Translate Ubuntu into Malay language !

I’m writing about this topic because I see there’s still much to be done to localize Ubuntu (or GNU/Linux based operating system in general) into Malay, the official language of my home county, Malaysia.

As of this writing, the translated Malay strings in Ubuntu (Intrepid Ibex) is about 19%, and thus we need more aspiring users who are bilingual to help us translate Ubuntu (or Linux-base operating system in general). So in the near future, we can have Linux distro in our own national language.

How can I help to localized Ubuntu?

  • Easy! you can start by registering an account with Launchpad.net
  • While still logged into Launchpad.net. join the Ubuntu-Translators group
  • Go to Launchpad Translations website, select the latest Ubuntu distributions.
  • Select Malay language, and then pick any project that you wish translate into Malay (ms).
  • Tips: To ensure faster translation, set the filter in “Translating” option to “untranslated items” as shown in the photo below.

What I can get by translating Ubuntu?

  • Sense of satisfaction that you’ve done your part in localizing a Linux distro in your country’s official language.
  • You can get your name on the list of credits on the application you’ve translated.
  • You can earn Karma! Karma is a point system given to active Ubuntu contributors.

    User with a lot of karma can get lots of Ubuntu freebies sent to their doorsteps! Plus you can request to be inducted as one of the Official Ubuntu Members just like our friends, Nicholas Ng and fenris-

  • What are you waiting for? Come and translate Ubuntu!