The Latest buzz: Google Chrome

Looks like I’m the last person to write about Chrome, the latest browser from Google. This is because I do not own a Microsoft Windows machine to test Chrome early on.

I’m sure you can find a lot of great reviews floating around the internet about the latest lightweight browser, so I will not waste your time by rehashing those information here.

Google Chrome
Chrome Application Shortcut

What actually caught my attention is the “Create Application Shortcut” found in Chrome, a functionality similar to Mozilla Prism which I’ve reviewed a while back in my blog. This would enable users to create Desktop shortcuts of their favorite Web Application without relying to external application like Prism anymore, everything can be done neatly within a single interface.

With Chrome, Javascript execution (read: ajax’ed website) felt a lot more faster while using much less memory, it looks like this new browser is going to give Mozilla a run for its money.

p/s: Eagerly waiting for Chrome to be available on GNU/Linux platforms.

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3 Replies to “The Latest buzz: Google Chrome”

  1. I’d still go for Firefox…Look for the TraceMonkey and you’ll find out who’s faster among the two engines. Google Chrome’s V8 proved to be of the lesser speed than Firefox’s TraceMonkey.

  2. there are so many advantages and features with Chrome, such as it’s speed, for example; now if only they would take care it’s flighty cookie management…

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