exifprobe – easiest way to get GPS location from JPEG files

I’ve seen few photos taken from a GPS capable camera and the photo can be traced back to its original location using photo-navigation capable GPS devices.

These GPS coordinates are stored inside JPEG files which comforms to EXIF specification (using GPS IFD). However, I found out the f-spot photo manager while capable of reading EXIF metadata from JPEG, it can’t display the GPS coordinates properly upon reading the JPEG files.

Gunung Jerai Camping Spot

This is rather annoying to me as I can’t possibly know the location where the photo was taken.

exifprobe to the rescue
Fortunately there is exifprobe. A CLI tool which able to display GPS coordinate on JPEG files among other things. The displayed coordinate from EXIF probe are in this format

degree, minute, second

so this output

Latitude                    = 5,47,39
Longitude                   = 100,24,10

would become 5° 47′ 39″ N, 100° 24′ 10″ E which you can enter on google maps to get its location.

Easy isnt it

p/s: btw, The location is within Gunung Jerai camping area where it is a popular camping spot for locals and tourists in Kedah (Malaysia).

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