Fedora Core 4 release delayed !

Fedora Core Logo

A dig in Fedora Core developers mailing list revealed that Fedora Core 4 (Stenz) release have been delayed to 13 June 2005.

Fedora Core is Red Hat sponsored community developed GNU/Linux distribution based on the previously free Red Hat Linux distro. You can find more information about this project at Fedora Project website

You can find about Fedora Core 4 release delayed annoucement here.

p/s : I’m not really a fan of Fedora Core/Red Hat distro. But i’m looking forward to test my first Fedora Core release with FC4 (Steinz)

DIY Linux Embedded Devices

TV Set-Top mp3 players

Embedded devices have become a hot topic these days. Day after day we have been surrounded with these devices whether we have notices it or not. For example, how many are you got PS2 or an Xbox in your home? how many of you own Nokia phones with Symbian OS running inside it? or a Motorola phone running Linux as it’s OS?

As the technology advances, more and more of these devices have become accessible in our daily life. And now, with the availability of open source tools and application (as well as the kernel) you can also create your own embedded devices on your own, providing you have the guts and strong interest to do it!

DIY TV Set Top Mp3 Player

You can create Linux-based embeded devices to do anything that you wished for, for example as a tv set-top mp3 player, a game console, internet station, webcam recorder, cctv controller, streaming server etc.

a bike which runs Unix!

Dont throw your old Pentium pc away, turn it into something useful! With Linux you can make many things possible. For example, with a single Pentium P133 pc, you can turn it into an mp3 streaming server, a firewall box, internet router, etc.

There are a lot of website now around the internet that features the usefulness of the Linux and Open source technology in building and embedded system.

Resources :
1. A motocycle which runs FreeBSD
2. Linux Toys website, a good place to start
3. Creating IPCOP firewall/Gateway
4. The Clock Project
5. Embedded Devices which runs Linux
6. Lots of Mini-itx projects
7. Linux-based Webserver and MP3 player on floppy

Microsoft Office to use XML format !

Microsoft Office Logo

The next version of Microsoft Office codename “Office 12” will have a new default XML file formats instead of proprietery binary format as previous versions. If all things goes well, the new default formats for Word, Excel and Powerpoint will change, respectively, from .”doc,” “.xls” and “.ppt” to “.docx,” “.xlsx” and “.pptx,” Microsoft said.

Unbelievable but true. Microsoft has once envisioned the idea of creating an XML document format for it’s popular Office product even back in 2000. However, the final product of Office 10 or Microsoft Office XP seems to drop the idea altogether. Maybe it got to do with Microsoft business strategy to lock down its user in it’s own proprietery binary format.

The proprietery format not only confine users to Microsoft products, but makes it hard for users to exchange documents between platforms, limiting its usage. Not to mention that the Microsoft Office format have been kept secret all this time making it hard for people to write a compatible word processor/reader on other platforms.

The office binary format also have been a pain in ass for certain power user where they can’t transform the documents into other format. They are most comfortable and often rely on other office product which uses XML such as OpenOffice or Staroffice for that matter.

It is uncertain that whether Openoffice and abiword move to adopt OASIS open document format (odt) that permits even broader documents have its influence on Microsoft’s decision. Microsoft which also one of OASIS sponsor, has made available under royalty-free license the XML schemas of its Office file formats. The new Microsoft Office 12 suite will ship sometime in 2006.

“Open file format continues our policy of providing our XML schemas in an open, royalty-free license,” said Microsoft’s Numoto. “That’s an important element of facilitating partners and developers to use that schema to integrate the format into their solutions.” – Microsoft

References :
1. Washington Post
2. Openoffice.org
3. OASIS Open Document Standards

FourCC Changer (divx) avi under Linux !

Hello everybody…

I’ve created an AviC clone under GNU/Linux ! Lames isn’t it?

For those who don’t know, AviC is a cute little tiny tool for changing FourCC under windows. And have been popular among MPEG4 users throughout the world.

gfourcc screenshot

AviC have been widely use by people who want to view their XviD encoded file in DivX MPEG4 player (the hardware players). Some people use AviC to identify the codec used to encoded their *.avi files.

However, one day i noticed that there’s no equaivalent of AviC tool in the Linux world. I’ve searched the internet for answers, but it got me into DivX Forum, where a user is asking for Linux-equaivalent of AviC.

Not satisfied with the answers that i get, i’ve started a stupid project to make my own AviC clone for Linux, and here it is! My goal for this project is only to make a tool that closely resemble AviC in its appearance as well as its functionality.

As an improvement, I also include some check-up to make sure that the user is selecting the right file before changing it’s FourCC !! I also created gfourcc command-line counterpart “cfourcc”, for the users to choose from. Both gfourcc and cfourcc can be downloaded from their respective project site : http://sarovar.org/projects/gfourcc/

Lastly, for those who read up until here and still dont have a clue about what am I talking about please read the references links below. Bye for now! :)

Refereces :
1. gfourcc project website
2. Fourcc Information
3. Description of how Fourcc works
4. watson387 Linux FourCC problem
5. AviC FourCC Changer
6. MPEG-4 Compression
7. XviD MPEG-4 Codec
8. DivX MPEG-4 Cocec

Moon Phase on your hand phone

Hari ini aku nak discuss pasal application yang aku buat untuk hand phone dgn Palm, application nie boleh display Fasa Bulan dengan tarikh Hijrah. Aku berjaya portkan program Traymoon aku dari system tray Windows application kepada handphone dengan Palm.

Fasa Bulan in Phone Emulator

So sekarang nie korang semua boleh semak fasa bulan dengan tarikh hijrah straight dari henset ataupun PDA korang. :)

Actually aku dah berjaya buat ni sejak 2-3 bulan lepas, tapi memandangkan masa tu aku takder port untuk buat presentation + promosi, so benda ni aku KIV-kan dulu sampai la hari nie.

Handphone application nie actually boleh run dalam mana-mana handphone yang mempunyai Java support. Application nie boleh gak run kat PalmOS (version 3.x keatas) asalkan user palm tu install extension Midp2Palm. Antara hand phone yang di uji dengan menggunakan application nie adalah Nokia 3100, 6230, 6260, 3650, Siemen S55, M46.

Fasa Bulan in Nokia 6230 Emulator

Terdapat bug dlm Symbian OS Nokia Series 6.x (3650) yang menyebabkan application nie kekadang hang. Bagi user yang menggunakan Nokia Symbian OS tersebut, anda digalakkan mendownload applikasi (reduced version) yang tidak memasukkan beberapa ciri-ciri user-friendly (ItemStateListener). Ini merupakan bug implementasi Symbian OS Nokia Series 6.x bukan bug Fasa Bulan.

Fasa Bulan in PalmOS Emulator

Aplikasi Fasa Bulan untuk handphone ini masih lagi dalam peringkat awalan, dan ini merupakan versi pre-release untuk kegunaan umum buat sementara waktu. Segala komen and pendapat anda adalah sangat dihargai untuk memajukan/memantapkan aplikasi ini. Aplikasi ini akan direleasekan mengikut terma dan syarat GNU General Public License versi 2.0 sekiranya ia stabil dan siap sepenuhnya. Bahasa pengaturcaraan Java telah digunakan untuk membangunkan aplikasi ini beserta J2ME toolkit.

Anda juga boleh meng-install aplikasi ini terus ke handphone anda menerusi kemudahan GPRS, anda hanya perlu pointkan browser anda kepada url ini http://duid.com.my/mypapit/FasaBulan.jad.

Download Fasa Bulan Midlet at :
1. Fasa Bulan Alpha | jar
2. Fasa Bulan for buggy phone, Symbian Series 60 | jar
3. Fasa Bulan for Palm OS

Additional Information :
1. Java 2 Micro Edition Website
2. MIDlet for Palm

Dilema Pelanggan Kecewa IV

Hari ini dalam Forum Utusan Malaysia, pihak TM Net Sdn Bhd telah memberikan maklum balas yang telah sekian lama dinanti-nantikan berkenaan perkhidmatan streamyx yang tidak memuaskan selama ini. Ini merupakan sambungan episod keempat dari trilogi “Dilema Pelanggan Kecewa” I, II dan III.

Persoalannya, adakah pihak TM mengakui kesilapannya masih melayan pelanggan seperti nombor? Adakah pihak TM akan membantu Pelanggan Kecewa Gombak?, Dapatkah Pelanggan Kecewa mendapat kelajuan internet yang memuaskan? Ayuh baca jawapannya di bawah ini :

Sumber : Forum Utusan Malaysia.

Komputer pelanggan punca masalah khidmat tidak memuaskan

MERUJUK kepada aduan bertajuk Kecewa Khidmat Internet Streamyx bertarikh 6 Mei 2005, berikut adalah penjelasan daripada pihak TM Net Sdn. Bhd.

Untuk makluman, TM Net telah pun membuat siasatan terperinci ke atas aduan tersebut dan mendapati bahawa pakej Tmnet Streamyx berharga RM99 yang dilanggani oleh pengadu adalah untuk akses Internet Broadband berkelajuan 1 Mbps pada kadar maksimum dan bukannya pada kelajuan 1 GATE seperti yang dijelaskan oleh pelanggan. Dengan erti kata lain, TM Net tidak pernah menawarkan sebarang pakej Tmnet Streamyx berkelajuan 10.00 Mbps atau 1 GATE pada harga RM99.

Siasatan terperinci juga telah dibuat ke atas ibu sawat dan premis pelanggan, dan mendapati bahawa masalah sebenar berpunca daripada perkakasan dan perisian komputer pelanggan. Ujian dan konfigurasi kelajuan akses perkhidmatan Tmnet Streamyx telah dilakukan dan hasilnya amat memuaskan.

Sehubungan itu, TM Net berharap pengadu boleh menghubungi talian perkhidmatan pelanggan kami di 1-300-88-9515 atau menghantar e-mel ke custcare@tm.net.my sekiranya terdapat sebarang masalah berhubung dengan produk dan perkhidmatan kami pada masa akan datang.

Pihak TM Net akan berusaha untuk membantu menyelesaikan masalah pelanggan dengan menghantar pegawai teknikal kami untuk memeriksa sambungan talian anda sekiranya perlu. – ZALINDA ZAINON, Pengurus Perhubungan awam, TM Net Sdn. Bhd.

Akhirnya, pihak TM Net Sdn Bhd telah memberikan jawapan mereka dalam forum utusan dan berjanji untuk berusaha membantu menyelesaikan masalah Pelanggan Kecewa… Tetapi apakah ini merupakan jawapan yang ditunggu-tunggu? sudah tentu tidak…., kita semua telah sekian maklum mengenai penjelasan pekej Streamyx 1 GATE tersebut. Tetapi bukan penjelasan ini yang kita mahukan, kita mahukan penjelasan yang menunjukkan pihak TM Net bertanggungjawab dan prihatin… Bak kata Pelanggan Kecewa :

sedangkan komputer saya menggunakan dua prosesor Xeon yang sangat laju dan memorinya sebanyak 2 GATE. – Pelanggan Kecewa Gombak, Selangor

Sekiranya pihak TM Net boleh melakukan ujian terhadap sistem sendiri dan boleh menghantar pegawai teknikal utk memeriksa sambungan, mengapa tidak lakukan kepada pelanggan kecewa sekarang? Periksalah komputernya, buatlah satu dialer streamyx utknya, ujilah kelajuan internetnya sendiri face-to-face dirumah, dan berikan penerangan secukupnya kepada Pelanggan Kecewa mengenai cara memeriksa kelajuan internet dan sebagainya. Dan bukan sebaliknya, membuat tafsiran tanpa memeriksa komputer Pelanggan Kecewa….

Akhir kata…

Komputer Dual Processor Intel Xeon laju wooo…. – tidak mahu namanya disiarkan