Richard Stallman admits his income is from speeches

I always wonder how Richard M. Stallman continues his daily lives without a real job since 1984. He always preach that software should be free (as in freedom) in nature, people shouldn’t impose license fee on software, etc.

And I occasionally come across his articles on how he devoted his life for GNU operating system, promoting Free Software Movement, directing the Free Software Foundation and how he was doing all of that unpaid.

But today, he openly admits to TuxJournal Webzine that his income are from speeches that he delivers.

Aside from working, I like to read, eat delicious food, listen to music (I was just in Bulgaria and got a lot of nice records of Bulgarian folk dance music). I am paid for some of my speeches–not all–and that is where my income comes from.

Now, my questions are seems to be answered by RMS himself. Wonder what would I do for a living if i’m in his shoes… I’m not fluent in public speeches and always goofed-up on stage… hmm… I wonder…

Source : TuxJournal

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