How to mount exFAT (used in SDcard / USB Drive) filesystem in Ubuntu

exFAT is a filesystem developed by Microsoft for use in flash drives or portable storage devices where the use of NTFS is not feasible. exFAT is inteded to be supported on consumer devices such as MP3 players, cameras, mobile phones and video recorders.

However filesystem formatted with exFAT are not currently supported by Ubuntu (as of 12.04) out from the box. In order to do that, you need to download exFAT filesystem module from relan PPA.

1. Add exFAT PPA repository

sudo -s
apt-add-repository ppa:relan/exfat

2. Update apt-get repository
apt-get update

3. Install exfat modules
apt-get install fuse-exfat

That’s it you’re done! Then you can finally mounts exFAT filesystem using the following command….

4. mounting exFAT filesystem
mount -t exfat /dev/sdd /media

You should be able to mount exFAT filesystem from now on… the fuse-exfat also comes with ‘exfat-utils‘ package which enables the creation, checking and labelling exFAT filesystem.

5 Replies to “How to mount exFAT (used in SDcard / USB Drive) filesystem in Ubuntu”

  1. Thanks a lot – your solution worked perfectly fine for my 150GB HDD exfat (previously formatted under w7). Am very grateful.

  2. Thanks! This worked perfect in Linux Mint for my 64GB SanDisk which I couldn’t see in Windows XP.

  3. You need to find your partition and replace “sdd” with the correct description of your partition.

    Type: cat /proc/partitions

    Determine which is your partition. The size should match the approximate size of your partition.

    For example:
    root@ubuntu:# cat /proc/partitions
    major minor #blocks name
    8 0 20971520 sda
    8 1 20051968 sda1
    8 2 1 sdb
    8 5 916480 sdb2

    root@ubuntu:# mount -t exfat /dev/sdb2 /media

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