Does Twitter kills my blog?

This is probably the first thing that I thought of when I first started of this blog two five years ago… that is the probability that I might find other hobby or work that much more appealing than paying attention to this blog.

The first culprit would be twitter, because ever since I started to hook up with it, I’ve beginning to post updates less frequently than I usually do, until it reaches a point that I stopped posting updates altogether, even though there are loads event that are worthy for me to blog with.

Maybe I’ve lost my passion of updating blogs with my daily hacking activities, or may I simply haven’t got the hang around of updating my blog while juggling with my new work, updating tweets and working on my research projects. Whatever the reason is, it is my intention to keep my post coming out fresh despite having to adjust to my new environment, and for that to happen I need to discipline myself to post regular updates on my blog.

Twitter is nice to use, as it requires less effort to post updates about my activities and make it easy for me to keep updated with my friends, but it greatest advantage seems to have taken a toll on my blog and I’ve nothing to blame but myself :p

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