Enabled WP-SuperCache for my blog

I’ve decided to install and enable WP-SuperCache plugin for my blog. This does not mean that I’ve been receiving thousands of site hit everyday, but as a precaution because I’ve noticed spikes of traffic on the server log that might effect the overall performance of the web server.

Since most pro-blogger suggested WP-Supercache, I might as well take their advice and install it. Hopefully this would improve the server load during the spike (which I suspect contributed by ill-behave webbots/crawler) as well as loading time for my blog.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed

6 Replies to “Enabled WP-SuperCache for my blog”

  1. WP-Super-Cache i think for new bees it looks great and i heard about this in these days and i think for the websites updated in every hour its not useful… right?

  2. Even without using super-cache, the result is not same between statpress and awstats. However if you expecting digg traffic you better use this plugins, otherwise your hosting provider will notice the spike.

  3. it depends what kind of statistic tool you use. awstats works just fine since it analyzes the raw http logs. those are the same if you use super-cache or not. but statpress on the other hand doesn’t work properly with super-cache enabled because it counts how many times each page is generated which doesn’t happen if a cached page is served.

  4. WP-SuperCache might effect your statistic calculation. I have use statpress and awstats in cpanel and i can see the decreasing amount of visitor if use this plugins.

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