How to convert OpenXML docx files to OpenDocument odf in Windows and vice versa

This guide might be a little different from the others because I write this for the Windows users. Here’s how to convert Microsoft OpenXML docx files to odf OpenDocument files (and vice versa) in Windows using only commandline :

  • First, make sure you downloaded odf-converter tool and copy it to appropriate folder.
  • Convert the files(s) using this command line :
    odfconverter /I filename.pptx
    and the tool will perform the conversion effortlessly.
  • You can use this command to convert multiple files :
    odfconverter /BATCH-DOCX /I c:\newfiles\

    replace /BATCH-DOCX with /BATCH-PPTX, /BATCH-XLSX, /BATCH-ODF, /BATCH-ODP if necessary.

Odfconverter also supports converting Open Document files (ODF, ODP, ODT) to OpenXML files (PPTX,DOCX,XLSX) making it a handy tool to use.

Why odfconverter?
Odfconverter is a (relatively) small and compact standalone tool for converting Office 2007 files to their OpenDocument counterpart. The convenient batch mode conversion makes it attractive tool to use when converting multiple files between the two formats.

The only downside with this converter is that it does not convert mathematical formula pretty well compared to other features.

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  1. It worked with the following command line on a docx file

    C:\UTILS\ODF>odfconverter /I name.docx

    Converted the file to name.odt


  2. Just FYI, but the latest OpenOffice (2.4.1) included with Ubuntu (Hardy Heron & above) seems to open docx files *natively* (Office 2007 format)…

    Though oddly enough the same version of OO in Windows won’t open the file(?!) o_O

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