How to Burn and Normalize MP3 to Audio CD in Ubuntu Linux

The most usual (and popular!) way to create a “mixed-tape” Audio CD is to burn it from a collection of MP3 song taken of several sources.

However as these mp3 are ripped from several sources, there would be inconsistencies of the volume loudness which would create an annoyance if one had to readjust the CD player volume from song-to-song.

A “Normalization” process would automatically fixed the audio so that all song would have the same amount of volume, but sadly the default Serpentine Audio CD creator that comes with Ubuntu does not support normalization.

How to Normalize MP3 song
First of all open a terminal and install normalize-audio package :

sudo apt-get install normalize-audio

Then change directory to your mp3 collections to be burned and execute:

normalize-audio -m -v  *.mp3

normalize-audio will then compute the files level one-by-one and then will apply normalization on all mp3 files.

You can then use your favorite CD burner application (like Serpentine) to burn the normalized MP3 files to make an audio CD.

normalize-audio also supports ogg files for normalization.

Happy burning!

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3 Replies to “How to Burn and Normalize MP3 to Audio CD in Ubuntu Linux”

  1. I believe I was right about Ubuntu. I found a page that described a fix for “normalize-mp3”. I had to specify “lame” & “mp3decoder” as encoder/decoder respectively:

    “Matt Hickford wrote on 2007-04-29: #3

    It’s clear from the following lines at the start of /usr/bin/normalize-mp3 that the paths to an mp3 encoder and decoder is missing.

    $OGGDECODE = “oggdec -Q -o %w %m”;
    $OGGENCODE = “oggenc -Q -b %b -o %m %w”;
    $MP3DECODE = ” -q -o %w %m”;
    $MP3ENCODE = ” -quiet %w %m”;

    I specified lame as the encoder, and mp3-decoder as the decoder. (mp3-decoder is a symlink to the default decoder, mpg321, for which i had to fiddle the arguments slightly, as below)

    $MP3DECODE = “mp3-decoder -q –wav %w %m”;
    $MP3ENCODE = “lame -quiet %w %m”;”

    — this fixed my problem with “normaize-mp3”

  2. Thanks mate, that’s just what i was looking 4 to normalize the sound levels on 21 .mp3 files from several CD’s.

  3. hi, there
    How did you do the hyperbolic view? It’s fancy, is there a module to do that?

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