Ekiga VoIP – Talk across the Internet freely with Linux

Those who are used to VoIP and internet phone might already familiar with Ekiga, an open source VoIP client for Linux and Windows operating system.

Formerly known as GnomeMeeting, Ekiga allows you to place call and hold video conferencing session with any VoIP client that supports SIP and H323 protocol, including Microsoft Netmeeting, Gizmo, Linphone and XMeeting.

Ekiga allows you to call ordinary phone number at affordable rate via its PC-to-Phone account, all you need to do is to purchase Ekiga PC-to-Phone credits and you’re ready to call any phones in the world!

Stuck behind NAT? Ekiga enable you to talk over the internet even when your router does not support SIP/H323. The configuration druid will automatically detect your network connection and configures itself to adapt to your network environment.

Here are some Ekiga’s Screenshots



Interesting Ekiga Phone Numbers
You might notice I dialed ‘500’ in my Ekiga. Well that’s the number for an Ekiga echo service useful for testing your software setup. Here are some interesting Ekiga numbers for you to try.

  • sip:500 – audio and video echo test
  • sip:501 – conference room
  • sip:530 – talking clock
  • sip:*266303 – some music
  • sip:*266300 – monkey sound

Contact Me on Ekiga
You might also want to contact me using Ekiga at sip:mypapit@ekiga.net, I’m pretty open for some quick conversation or a helo.

p/s: I wrote this post as a respond to one of my blog readers request for me to write a post on Ekiga. Please refer to Howto Install Skype on Ubuntu if you’re more interested in Skype.

p/s 2: Base on my personal experience, I found Skype voice quality and service is noticeably more superior than Ekiga or Gizmo, your mileage may vary however

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