How to use SVN for beginners

surface from Linux by Examples has written two ‘getting started for SVN’ articles that I find it interesting and useful for beginners.

The article covers important SVN operation (checkout,diff,update,import, check in) necessary for managing a software project.

Here’s the link to the article :

What is SVN (Subversion)
SVN or subversion is an open source tool used for revision control system similar to CVS. It is widely use by popular open source project such as Apache, KDE, Gnome, Python and Samba as their version control program.

Open Source repository site like SourceForge and Google Code Project Hosting provides SVN hosting for free and open source project.

Further Reading
You can find more information about SVN (or Subversion) and maintaining open source software by reading these books:

Visit SVN (Subversion) Official website for more information about the system.

Recommended Reading

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  1. Wow, what a great guide! Thank you so much for this. Before I couldn’t use subversion at all and now I’m really flying.

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