Update WordPress blog using Drivel in Ubuntu Linux

Today I want to introduce you to a wonderful desktop blog client in GNU Linux, Drivel.

Drivel is one of many desktop blogging clients available under GNU Linux. It started as a LiveJournal desktop blogging client and now has expanded to support other blogging platform as well such as Advogato, Blogger xmlrpc, Movabletype, Drupal,WordPress, and blog that uses ATOM (like the new Blogger).

Using Drivel to update your WordPress blog is easy, all you need to do is to start up your Drivel client, and choose MovableType as your blog platform.

drivel linux mypapit

From there, you put in your WordPress username and password. Put in your WordPress address in your “Server Address” field, and append it with /xmlrpc.php like this “http://your_wordpress.com/xmlrpc.php”.

After that, writing blog entry from Drivel is relatively easy. All you need to do is just type :)

Drivel is an easy blogging client to use and does not require you to know much about HTML to use it, it has a build in function to insert images, link and basic font formatting.

One interesting thing to note is, Drivel (through Movabletype protocol) supports category, this makes it different from other blogging client under Linux which is based on the older Blogger xml-rpc protocol which does not support category. However currently Drivel only support posting to one category per entry.

Why use a Desktop Blogging Client ?
Most people use desktop blogging client because it saves the time to actually log into your blogging client and selecting New Post before they can begin posting new entries.

Desktop blogging client saves you the time on the web interface, and let you concentrates on the writing the entry itself. Updating and Saving post is also faster when you use a desktop blogging client.

As a summary, Drivel is a nice Desktop blogging application to have around, it is small, easy to use and relatively fast. Simply put, Drivel does the job well for a simple blogging client.

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22 Replies to “Update WordPress blog using Drivel in Ubuntu Linux”

  1. Actually Drivel support wordpress via Blogger XML-RPC api. WordPress support XML-RPC and Drivel has the XML-RPC option, thus Drivel supports WordPress. You can try it on Drivel, because I’ve posted a handful of updates from my Drivel client to WordPress blogs

  2. The problem with Drivel is that it doesn’t support tags and multiple category selection. Perhaps a fork of Drivel would be better for WP support.

    Anyway, from what I understand Vimpress supports tags and categories.

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