Fedora Legacy Project Going to End

Fedora Legacy Project – A community driven project that supports older releases of Fedora Core announced that it has stopped its support for Fedora Core 4 and earlier distros, much earlier than expected.

Currently, Fedora Core is one of the most popular Linux distro besides Ubuntu and OpenSuSE

The Project’s main objective is to provide critical and security bugs fix for end-of-life Fedora Core releases, effectively extending their support for a much longer time.

The Fedora Legacy Project however faces challenges to keep up with the relatively short support time provided by Fedora Core (around 6 to 9 months compared to 18 months from Ubuntu). What Fedora Core users need is longer support for the current release and the older release immediately after it.

It seems Fedora Core Legacy is unlikely to support older releases than Fedora Core 5 anymore, so it is advisable for users of older Fedora Core to upgrade their operating system to the latest release in order to receive critical patch and bugfix to avoid their system being exploited by malicious programs/crackers.

p/s: It is interesting to note that Ubuntu/Canonical is able provide such a relatively long support for their releases compared to average community supported GNU Linux distro.

It is still to be seen whether Ubuntu Dapper LTS is going to be supported up to 3-5 years after its release, but I’m confident that it will be supported.

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  1. smart as in hard disk SMART? I once use fedora core 4 as my primary desktop operating system. I use it together with two hdd activated with SMART.

  2. Nasiblah, Red Hat pun dah kata FC nie just for development purpose. Kalau nak yg bertahun ada support, guna RHEL lah ;)

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