Gyach Enhanced Yahoo Messenger with Webcam and Voice support for Linux

Ditch gaim if you happen to use Linux and Yahoo messenger on your desktop. Gyach Enhanced is an open source Yahoo Messenger client that support most of the official Yahoo Messenger features out from the box including Webcam support and Voice Chat.

Unlike any other 3rd Party Yahoo Messenger Client, Gyach Enhanced only supports Yahoo Messenger protocol and available for GNU/Linux operating system only.

Among features supported by Gyach Enhanced :

  • Webcam (Receive and Broadcast)
  • Voice Chat
  • Address Book
  • Yahoo Chat
  • Yahoo Mail Alert
  • Yahoo News Alert
  • Mobile Messenger Buddy Group
  • ‘Invisible’ support
  • Spam Protection
  • Themable Smileys

Gyach Enhanced requires python, PyGTK2, GtkHTML, expat and gtk+ which is always available in modern GNU/Linux distributions and can be downloaded from Gyach Enhance project website

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9 Replies to “Gyach Enhanced Yahoo Messenger with Webcam and Voice support for Linux”

  1. Will GyachE or GyachI allow me to make PC-to-phone calls?
    I have some money on my Yahoo Voice account.

  2. It works better than many other Instant Messengers. Keep the good work up! I am yet to achieve success with web camera with this IM.

    Best Wishes

  3. Gyach Enhanced is a jacked up program that many can not even use.
    I would like to slap the mummy dust outa da bytch that made it.
    For someone just starting out on linux don’t bother trrying to install that crap on your linux.
    9 out of 10 times it will not install or you will get errors.
    Just like alinux stay away from it,its crap.

  4. I try it before, it come with ubuntu, or maybe i accidentally installed. The web cam works but not audio conf is not.

    Gaim is lightweight and stable, but do not support audio and video conf, some how the development team do not want it to dirty the performance of Gaim.

    Alternatively, I uses skype-static + amsn. I don’t like amsn, feel it is creepy, but it support web cam.

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