INSERT : Linux Security and Rescue LiveCD

I’ve tried a compact and useful Linux Rescue LiveCD based on Knoppix. INSERT combine the functionality of network analysis and rescue application in a single LiveCD.

As a rescue LiveCD, INSERT support various filesystem including ext2,ext3,reiserfs,reiser4, jfs, xfs,vfat,ntfs (read write via ntfs-3g), minix,udf,hfs,hpfs,ufs,smbfs,nfs,sshfs and afs. INSERT also supports testdisk and photorec file recovery tool which I’ve reviewed previously.

As for network analysis and security part, INSERT include tcpdump, nmap, ethtool, ettercap, sendip, netcat,wipe, chkrootkit and rkhunter. Refer to INSERT LiveCD website for a complete list of applications

INSERT is compact (59MB) , and it fit straight into business card CD making it portable enough to put in your wallet. Although it lacks end user desktop application, I find INSERT is more useful than Damn Small Linux mainly because it supports more option for connecting to the internet.

Furthermore, I felt having DSL in my wallet isn’t as useful as having INSERT which have an array of recovery tools ready to use when my something happen to my GNU/Linux installations. And for that reason, I’ve ditched DSL from my wallet and replace it with INSERT :p

Download INSERT from :


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