I’m going to backup my Mozilla profiles but…

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I want to migrate all of my old emails and settings from my Windows box to my GNU/Linux box. Well, I heard of a program called MozBackup which can help you backup your thunderbird profile including settings, emails and preferences.

The problem is, The program only works in the Microsoft Windows platform and does not work in GNU/Linux or *BSD system. The FAQ page of this software explains that the author is rewriting the software in .NET to be use on GNU/Linux. But it isnt good enough because it’s isn’t a Free Software (philosophy side) and everybody knows that Mono still haven’t supported Windows Form quite well yet (technical feasibility side).

There are other alternatives, but all of them are meant to be executed on Microsoft Windows platform. Can anybody point me a Mozilla backup software (which automates the profile backup) which runs on GNU/Linux platform?

p/s: I know how to do this manually, I’m just asking out of curiosity if there exist an application out there which automates this procedure for GNU/Linux and *BSD platform.

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