jar2jad – My first python application

I’m publishing my first python apps from my self-taught python class as promised.

This apps generates JAD file from *.jar file which is widely used in J2ME java mobile application. This apps is simple+compact and can be executed in any platform that supports python.

I was going to publish this earlier, but I’ve been busy for the past few days doing other stuff besides python.

Download links

  1. jar2jad-0.1.tar.gz
  2. jar2jad-0.1.zip

Python is interesting, i might create and publish more apps in python to polish up my skills.

3 Replies to “jar2jad – My first python application”

  1. Thanks

    I make this script

    $ sudo mkdir /usr/share/jar2jad

    $ cp * /usr/share/jar2jad

    $ sudo mousepad /usr/bin/jar2jad
    python /usr/share/jar2jad/jar2jad.py $1

    $ sudo chmod a+x /usr/bin/jar2jad

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