How to mount exFAT (used in SDcard / USB Drive) filesystem in Ubuntu

exFAT is a filesystem developed by Microsoft for use in flash drives or portable storage devices where the use of NTFS is not feasible. exFAT is inteded to be supported on consumer devices such as MP3 players, cameras, mobile phones and video recorders.

However filesystem formatted with exFAT are not currently supported by Ubuntu (as of 12.04) out from the box. In order to do that, you need to download exFAT filesystem module from relan PPA.

1. Add exFAT PPA repository

sudo -s
apt-add-repository ppa:relan/exfat

2. Update apt-get repository
apt-get update

3. Install exfat modules
apt-get install fuse-exfat

That’s it you’re done! Then you can finally mounts exFAT filesystem using the following command….

4. mounting exFAT filesystem
mount -t exfat /dev/sdd /media

You should be able to mount exFAT filesystem from now on… the fuse-exfat also comes with ‘exfat-utils‘ package which enables the creation, checking and labelling exFAT filesystem.

AMD decTOP running Debian Squeeze

After upgrading my AMD decTOP with 160GB hdd, I’ve decided to install a fresh new operating system on it for some side-project that I’m working on. I choose to install Debian GNU/Linux 6.0.3 (Squeeze) on the machine.

The machine is currently running lighttpd web server with PHP5, samba server and sshd (using public-key authentication).

The specs of the machine are outlined in the screenshot.


You can read more information regarding AMD DecTOP on Wikipedia

Why I prefer Debian GNU/Linux for my web server…

Though I’ve used Ubuntu since 2005 and it has been my Linux distro of choice, I prefer to use Debian GNU/Linux for running web server on my VPS or a server at work. Why? because:

  • Debian is quicker to install
  • Debian is lightweight / uses less memory / feels faster
  • Debian doesn’t install XWindows by default
  • Debian feels more ‘hands-on’
  • Debian has the largest software repository

Although I recognize the *BSD is the best open source operating system for setting up a php/mysql web server, I still prefer Debian as my server operating system for its simplicity, besides… *BSD hates me… :)

p/s: I’m getting annoyed with Ubuntu Unity and GNOME Shell which I perceive as not only counter-productive, but also hogs the RAM and processor power. my netbook battery lasts 20minutes longer with Debian on LXDE.

RadioPlay – an online radio streaming Player that runs on Linux system tray

RadioPlay is an only radio streaming player that runs on compatible Linux Desktop system tray. It feature an easy to use interface and only targets online streaming radio listener. The application sits on the system tray and features a simple interface which allows the user to quickly select Radio station based on its genre.

RadioTray supports customized playlist in the popular PLS (shoutcast/icecast) format, M3U as well as ASX, WAX and WVX.

Radio Tray


Radiotray is available from the Ubuntu and Debian repository and can be installed using the Ubuntu Software Center, Synaptic or by running command “sudo apt-get install radiotray

Debian published Community Patent Distribution Policy FAQ to address software patent risks

Last month, Debian has released the Community Patent Distribution Policy FAQ to educate Free Software developers and distributors regarding patent risks towards Free Software. The FAQ explains the terms associated with software patent such as infringement, liability, contributory infringement, willful infringement, injuction and how to minimize the risks.

debian open logo

For more information – please read the full documentation of Community Patent Distribution Policy FAQ from Debian website