Why I prefer Debian GNU/Linux for my web server…

Though I’ve used Ubuntu since 2005 and it has been my Linux distro of choice, I prefer to use Debian GNU/Linux for running web server on my VPS or a server at work. Why? because:

  • Debian is quicker to install
  • Debian is lightweight / uses less memory / feels faster
  • Debian doesn’t install XWindows by default
  • Debian feels more ‘hands-on’
  • Debian has the largest software repository

Although I recognize the *BSD is the best open source operating system for setting up a php/mysql web server, I still prefer Debian as my server operating system for its simplicity, besides… *BSD hates me… :)

p/s: I’m getting annoyed with Ubuntu Unity and GNOME Shell which I perceive as not only counter-productive, but also hogs the RAM and processor power. my netbook battery lasts 20minutes longer with Debian on LXDE.

2 Replies to “Why I prefer Debian GNU/Linux for my web server…”

  1. I’m not sure about you, but so far for me the main resource hogs are firefox and chrome .. with 0.1%-3% usage, gnome-shell is veryveryvery tame comparing to those monsters. At least on my computer, gnome-shell uses less resources than compiz before ..

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