Enabling automatic update in Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon

Some people asked me about why automatic update hasn’t kicked in their Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon. After investigating, I found out that this problem only affects a small portion of Ubuntu users that perform fresh Ubuntu installation on their computer.

It seems that in Gutsy, the installer choose to enable CDROM package installation by the default and this might has an effect to automatic update. To remedy this problem, you need to go to System->Software Sources and uncheck the “CDrom with Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon” option and check all the other options.


Your will be able to receive automatic update after that!

How to Randomize login screen in Ubuntu (GDM)

There’s nothing wrong with the default brownish “Human” Ubuntu login screen, but sometimes your brain might get bored with the same login screen overtime. So in this post I’ll be showing you how to randomize the GDM login screen through these simple steps :

From Desktop, go to System->Administration->Login Window


Choose “Random from Selected” from the selector in the Login Window dialog. And check all the GDM themes that you wish to be cycled each start up.


That’s it! close the dialog and logout from your GNOME session, it should display random login screens each time when you switch on your computer.

Need more themes?
You can always find and install more cool themes from Gnome Looks !

Quick Way to send files to mobile device via Bluetooth in Ubuntu Linux

Previously I’ve written a post about how to send/receive file over the bluetooth using CLI. Now i’m going to show you a quick way to send files over bluetooth using the standard “Send To” on GNOME. Like this


To enable this, you need :

  • gnome-bluetooth (available from the repository)
  • a Bluetooth dongle / device attached to your computer

After all requirements have been met, all you need to do is select the files which you wish to be send over bluetooth, and click “Send To”.

You should see a dialog similar like above, prompting you to select the desired bluetooth device.

It’s easy with Linux!