Setup Free Web Proxy Service with Glype (PHP Script)

Glype is a web-based proxy script written in PHP which allows user to browse the internet anonymously using a web-based user-interface. Website operator can easily setup web-proxy without the need to go through complicated installation procedures.

Glype Proxy Service

Among the feature of Glype Proxy Script are:

  • No Installation – Just upload and done!
  • Javascript support – Allows website to keep their javascript functionality
  • Blacklist by IP – Admin can easily block users by IP address range
  • Virtual browser – allow user to change user-agent and
  • Server-side caching – Reduces bandwidth and server loads for frequently accessed website

Download Glype from its official website

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  1. Hey nice post!
    I set up a glype proxy with your help! Thanks!!!
    I used for a while proxies from a proxylist like but now I use my own proxy! Thanks again!

    Good post mate!


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