Fanatical Linux Fanboys == Fake Linux Users?

A comic strip from Mostly Harmful got me thinking, how many are you so-called Linux fanboys actually use GNU/Linux operating system? Do you own a Windows box? or even Apple Mac OS X? How many are you, Linux advocates use GNU/Linux in your daily lives? Claiming that Linux is great and hating every other operating systems, while still (in secret) using them by choice?

APz Mostly Harmful I hate Linux Fanboys

Thanks APz for the comic strip

6 Replies to “Fanatical Linux Fanboys == Fake Linux Users?”

  1. Indeed, there are people that are doing those thinks, but the basic idea is not that GNU/Linux users are hating other operating systems, just that they find this one more reliable and more powerful. This dosent mean that they hate other OS.

  2. It’s actually quite funny how people seem to enjoy misinterpreting what they see. Apparently because Wine and Ubuntu were mentioned, I received shitloads of hatemail, mostly in the lines of “are you saying that using wine/ubuntu makes you a fake linux user!?”. It only makes me question whenever they even read the comic, or better yet, even tried to understand what it was about. Anyway, I had to add a FAQ section for that strip after the first 100k visitors :)

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