Contribute to Ubuntu by becoming MOTU!

Ubuntu MOTU (Masters Of the Universe) is a continous effort to contribute by adding, maintaining and supporting software packages in Ubuntu Universe repository.

Generally to become a MOTU, you would have to work with software developers helping them in making their software available in Ubuntu Universe repository, knowledge of how to build *.deb packages is required at this stage.

One can apply to become a MOTU once he/she has made a significant amount of contribution to distro and forwarded his/her application to the MOTU council.

Advantages of Becoming a MOTU
MOTU has the advantage of joining the Ubuntu core developers group, which in turn can play a leading role in introducing and developing new features for Ubuntu operating system.

Interested in becoming a MOTU? Join the MOTU class in #ubuntu-classroom in The Packaging 101 classroom would be held on 13 December 16.00 – 17.30 (UTC time).

Reference: Ubuntu MOTU website