Morse Code Training Application on Ubuntu Linux

I’ve been a SWL for a while now since I got my hand on my dad’s old two-way ham radio. Since then, I’ve become interested to learn morse code after listening it over the amateur radio band in my place.

After spending time searching for morse code training program, I settled on the three best application I can find inside Ubuntu repositories, and they are : aldo, cw and morse-x.

aldo is perhaps the best morse training application for Linux (unix-like) platform. It can train you to recognise morse code beeps with classic Block method or the more recommended Koch method.

Aldo keep tracks of your performance by gauging your accuracy of identifying the correct morse code keyed during training sessions. Aldo is also capable of generating random north american amateur radio callsign for training purposes, which is essential when you’re communicating/listening on CW mode.

cw is another morse code training application which can convert characters entered from standard input (stdin) to morse code. The software package also includes ‘cwgen’ utility which generates random word for morse code practice.

cw can also be use to convert text files into morse code beeps to be sent over voice communication channels which is useful if you want to pretend that *you’re* the one that keyed in the code

morse / morse-x
Unlike training application mentioned above, morse-x concentrates on morse code sending. As sending and receiving morse code is a different experience altogether, morse-x is the cheapest and easiest way to properly train yourself on morse code sending when you’re transmitting over the air.

Bonus: codegroup
‘codegroup’ is an interesting application in which it enables you to transfer binary files using standard morse code. This is accomplished by converting binary files into five-letter word message string which is easily transmitted using morse code. Each of these encoded files is accompanied by 16-bit CRC to ensure the transmitted file can be decoded correctly after it has been transmitted over the air.

Overall, I find those application is useful for me to learn morse code. I dedicate an hour per day for morse code training using the Koch method, so far it has been interesting as I’m able to recognize some alphabets from random morse code tranmission. I’m hoping that I could master morse code so I could use my skills to sit for RAE and obtain my own amateur radio license.

codegroup sounds interesting for transfering small/encrypted binary files over ham radio though :p

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