DIY Cooling my DSL-2640T ADSL Broadband wifi Router

This is the continuity of my previous posts My Modem Gone Up in Smoke! and Inside My Linux DLink G-604T Broadband Modem/Router. Seems my local vendor finally replaced my faulty G-640T after eight month use with a new broadband wifi/router with same capabilities albeit different model (G-2640T). The new model is smaller, has shorter antenna and generate more heat than its predecessor.

I hate going back and forth from computer shop and my house to claim warranty, I prefer to have a fully working hardware that I can truly rely on. Thus acting on advice from my blog readers (especially Azmeen and Kucau I decided to improve the air ventilation for my broadband modem.

Because I dont have an air conditioner, I have to improvise in order to keep my modem cool and ventilated, I removed the outer casings of the modem and attached an ordinary 12volt casing fan on top of it with a strong glue. I powered the fan with a general purpose low voltage AC/DC adaptor (‘walkman’ adaptor) to make sure the modem stays cool during operation.

The Result
Without fan, the modem capacitors heat up so fast (approx 30 minutes) that it could burn up my fingers. The attached casing fan dissipate heat quickly resulting the modem circuits felt as cold as water.

Here’s a photo of my modification

Here’s a link to my other sloppy DIY work :p


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  1. In my case I have Riger DB102 given by Streamyx which also burn the Capacitors. The Modem/Router always get hangs in few minute when I open the case of the unit two of these Capacitor burned out, so what I did is replaced the burned Capacitors that cost only RM2.0 now its working fine.

  2. Nice review.
    I’ve noticed that BSNL UtstarCom modems suffer from inherit heat problem.
    My UtstarCom UT WA3002G4 WIFI modem heated up to 85.c (burnt my finger a lil)
    I’ve crafted some heatsinks from leftover Aluminimus shards and tucked them over the Hot chips.
    Then i put an Computer case fan on it…and happy ever after!

  3. Nice work Dude!
    I was just thinking to do something similar with my WiFi ADSL Router.
    I have UTStarCom ADSL boradband router from BSNL and it heats up quite a bit!.

  4. haha u r crazy dude.

    btw ya this modem seem to be very hot.sux aload..i left it for weeks and suddenly LAN(wired) idea. i tried to connect the LAN cable, no light was turned on.ftw..

    now i just use wireless function

  5. thinking of fitting the same cooling system to my route…thats cool maybe using a smaller fan and tapping pover from the same suppy cable from ac unit…

  6. In the name of all that’s holy; that’s cool man! In both literal and figurative sense of the word :)

    By the way, is it noisy?

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