AptOnCD: apt-get Repository on DVD/CD – Ubuntu/Debian

Those who are familiar with Debian-based system with know a thing or two about apt-get.

apt-get is a wonderful tool that simplifies package management in Debian and Ubuntu derived Linux distro, be it software installation, security updates, upgrades, software removal and searches, apt-get does wonders in daily computer management.

However some linux distro (Ubuntu, obviously) relies heavily on internet connection to access its repository. This sometimes impractical to computer that is not always connected to the internet.

One alternative to that solution is to get the repositories on CD/DVD. However packages included in there may not suit your needs and might be redundant.

Luckily there’s AptonCD, a GUI application that helps you create removable repository on CD/DVD using packages you’ve downloaded.

AptOnCD, enables you to select specific package that you want to put in removable repository (DVD/CD).

Once created, the DVD can act as a repository itself and you can install software from it using apt-get normally.

AptOnCD also has feature that can restore/copy all the packages on the target computer, this means you can ‘preload’ the computer with packages from apt-get before you start using it. This can save
your time from having to insert the repository CD/DVD when you want to install a software.

Currently AptOnCD is tested and available for Ubuntu and Debian Linux distribution and can be downloaded here : http://aptoncd.sourceforge.net/download.html



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