Yahoo! was incorporated today

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Today is a historical day as it is the day Yahoo! was incorporated in 1995. The company started by two Stanford graduate David Filo and Jerry Yang as “Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web” , but later changed its name to Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle or simply Yahoo.

Early Yahoo servers resided on Jerry and David workstation named Akebono and Konishiki. Since then, Yahoo popularity grew as more people started using the internet. Soon after that, Yahoo had its initial public offering on April 12, 1996, selling 2.6 million shares at $13 each.

As Yahoo’s popularity has increased, so has the range of features it offers, making it a kind of one-stop shop for all the popular activities of the Internet. These now include: Yahoo! Mail, an instant messaging client, Yahoo! Groups) online gaming and chat, various news and information portals, online shopping and auction facilities, blog portal (, social bookmarking service ( .

Many of these are based at least in part on previously independent services, which Yahoo has acquired – such as the popular GeoCities free Web-hosting service, Rocketmail, and various competing mailing list providers such as eGroups.


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