12DailyPro is officially a Ponzi Scam

The infamous 12DailyPro autosurf program finally charged with with fraud for running a Ponzi scheme. This means that 12DailyPro website will be shut down permanently after this.

Well, tough luck for the unlucky investors. Please do not support ponzi-like scheme, I guess people should know better about this, HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) and autosurf program is most likely (if not all) a ponzi scheme. So becareful when somebody recommends you to join money-making schemes like this.

From Wikipedia entry,

HYIPs typically are not based in the United States, Europe, or Japan – countries that have strong laws against unregistered investment programs. HYIPs disclose little or no detail about the principals, management, location, or other aspects of whom is getting the money to be invested, and relatively little information (other than asserting that they do various types of trading on various stock and other exchanges) on how their investment programs actually work.

Sounds familiar?

Enuff said, more info at ShaolinTiger blog


10 Replies to “12DailyPro is officially a Ponzi Scam”

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  2. This is unveliaveble !!!
    One company called Foneclub.com was charged with piramid scam. Their assets were freezed.
    After that, they changed the name to phoneclubusa.com and phoneclub.com.br and they are doing the same thing…



  3. You can still get paid with Ponzi scam (with money taken from other investors) just like the infamous pak man telo and piramid scheme.

  4. hmm, I read some Malaysian bloggers article and they really praised to this scheme. Either they are scam or not, some already been paid.

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