Series 60 Nokia will have enhanced Java support

According to the news I read from, Nokia have made an annoucement that it’s Java-enabled Series 60 phone will include CDC (Connected Device Configuration) for the Java platform. This is a significant leap for the phone industry, because all of mobile available to the market today only supported CLDC.

According to the website, the introduction of enhanced configuration (CDC) in smartphones will drive opportunities for significant improvements in remote management of mobile devices and creating new business opportunities for Java platform software developers in the mobile middleware market.

New developer tools corresponding to the next generation Java platform for Series 60 will be made available in 2nd half 2005 by Nokia’s global developer support program, Forum Nokia.

w000h000, new SDK and smartphone for me to hack

p/s : Actually, i’ve been waiting for quite some time to get my hand into one of CDC enable-device. This is the time i’m waitin’ for…