Example Code: How to Send SMS from PHP (via Clickatell)

Hi there, due to popular demand (requests sent to my personal email – mypapit -at- gmail.com).

I decided to share my old post regarding my simple SendSMS php class which can help php developers to send SMS from their web application


$sendsms = new SendSMS(“username”,”password”,”HTTP POST API key”);

/* if the login return 0, means that login failed, you cant send sms after this */
if ( ($sendsms->login()) == 0 ) {
die( “failed”);

/*other wise, you can send sms using the simple send() call*/
$sendsms->send(“0132073011″,”can you receive this message? Hello there….”);


To use SendSMS class, you need:

That’s it.. contact me if you’ve more questions

Download SendSMS PHP class (version 0.5)

Solution to libctiny and wcrt – LNK2001 unresolved external symbol __chkstk

I’m not sure if any of you ever use libctiny or wcrt, they are both meant to be use with Microsoft Visual Studio so that your resulting binary won’t use the default Microsoft run-time library which slightly bloats the exe.

By using one of these libraries, you can greatly reduce your resulting binary from an average of 20KB to 7KB, depending on your application.

The chkstk problem

The problem arises when the application you just compiled fails to link with an error message: “LNK2001 : unresolved external symbol __chkstk” .

libctiny wcrt chkstk link error

This got to do with the “Ignore all default libraries” option which you’ve to check when using this library. Apparently one library which is required by a routine inserted by the Microsoft tools (chkstk) was excluded from linking as well.

Solution to the problem

Manually include the library! The routine/function is included in an object file named “chkstk.obj”, just put it in the link dialog box beside libctiny/wcrt, and the problem will be settled.

wga fakap #2 chkstk libctiny

I hope that this will solve your problem !

Microsoft recent steps to curb piracy is similiar to shareware concept

I read the recent Microsoft plan of tatooing illegal copies of Microsoft Windows XP at various places over the internet. From what I read, the process involved putting a pop-up dialog box that will appear on the Windows login screen, informing the user that his copy of the OS is counterfeit and that he should get a genuine copy.

Another message will permanently be affixed at the user’s desktop, “This copy of Windows is not genuine. You may be a victim of software counterfeiting”, the reminder can’t be removed (tattooed).

Finally, a ballon-style popup will appear randomly in system tray reminding you that you’re using an illegal copy of Microsoft Windows. The only way to stop the messages from appearing is to replace the OS with a genuine copy. Though some unofficial sources claimed, that there’s a crack to circumvent all the warnings.

These ‘nagulator’ (not my word), is somehow related to another business model, called shareware or nagware, which constantly reminds you to pay for the software you use randomly. IMHO, if Microsoft were to really discourage software piracy, it should impose a stricter way to prevent people from using illegal copies of it’s own products.

Instead, they create a specially crafted dialog box that is used in common nagware/shareware to deter “piracy”. Has Microsoft turned it’s own operating system to a shareware now?


j2meshitheap.com – a list of the world’s worst J2ME-enabled phones

JavaME (formerly J2ME) software fans? Then please avoid any of these J2ME-enabled phones because one or more of their implementations are either broken, incorrect or plainly doesn’t work.

I personally tested 3650/3660 J2ME implementation first hand by running some of my midlets. In my oppinion i think Nokia 3650/3660 has the worst j2me implementation that I’ve encountered because some of the *Listener object failed to respond correctly, plus the networking part of the midlet almost always failed.

I would also want to add Nokia 6600 to the list because of various bugs in its implementation, though not as annoying as 3650/3660, it is still noticeable.

so please visit http://www.j2meshitheap.com for more complete listing