Warning – Please Ignore this email

MyCert have issued a warning regarding emails circulating within our constituency. The perpetrator is trying to convince the Hong Leong/Bumiputra Commerce/AmBank Group/Alliance Bank member to verify their email address via suspicious url. The sender is using seemingly legitimate email address from bankinginfo.com.my.

Internet users are urged not to click on the given url, and to delete the email immediately upon reading it.

Technical note :
The perpetrator seems to exploit a ‘feature’ in the popular google.com search engine in order to redirect users to a fake website which is used to gather information about the unsuspecting users.

The google url given in the email in turn will redirect users to
http://da.ru/ redirection service to their fake website. They use the old-school url encoding/decoding method to mask out their true url to the average users.

Here’s the original alert issued by MyCERT :
The discussion about the matter can be read in :
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