Blog cum Friendster portal on Yahoo!

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Blog or weblogging have been a popular thing now on the web since the Instant Messenger hype back few years ago (which in turn succeeds over IRC, waaayyy back) and ever since that, many of the big-time company taking part in the blogger’s world, the list includes “legendary” online company Google-owned, Lycos network (through and Microsoft-owned (yes, MS into blog too!). Now not wanting to lose the internet market share, Yahoo! seems to follow the footsteps of other giants. Considered one of the influential web portal in the internet, Yahoo! surely dont want to be left behind in the bloggers world, not when everybody starts to embraces it!

Recently Yahoo Inc. have introduces Yahoo 360, which can be accessible through Currently on Beta version, only invited users can register the service and enjoy its experience. Built in through the theme “Share what you want”, Yahoo 360 aims to bring its portal closer to its user by combining what’s the users felt as best of the web service. This includes sharing
Blog, Photos, Profile, Reviews and Blast (kinda like Friendster and Myspace stuff).

Yahoo 360 Screenshot

I guess Yahoo! dub it Yahoo 360 because it covers everything that the web users frequently use today such as blog (,, Photos (,,, Blast (, and Profiles (NameDatabases, Ringo). I some of the services offered through the Yahoo 360 have been offered by Yahoo quite some time ago. I guess Yahoo! strategicly use this opportunity to re-introduce those services in order to enhance web experience (and revenue!) of the internet users.

Personally I believe, Yahoo! being a prominent online company, Yahoo! seems to be a bit late to introduce its blog features, considering its rival (through Blogger) and Microsoft (through MSN) have started their services quite sometime ago. More seriously, have firm establishment in the Blog businesses when become almost a de facto standard among blogger aside from it close rival

No date have been associated with Yahoo 360 services, but we can expect that it will be launched soon, considering that it would be an advantege to launch the service while blogging trend is still hot right now.

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