How To Get Rich & Famous By Blogging At Work

Blogging have been increasingly popular among office workers these days, and most of them are reportedly to be blogging during office hours which enrage their employers at a certain degree, and making them impose certain restriction for blogging. Well here’s an article which i stumbled with, that discuss with the deals of how to keep blogging during office hours while making money at it.

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Many bloggers enjoy writing about their place of employment. This Internet rage is making a lot of employers upset, as bosses want their nice little drones to keep churning out products & services without all the pesky independent thought.

But it is very important that people all over the world journal their workplace opinions on-line every day, since these “job-blogs” serve to expose those in authority who exploit others for gain. When you get right down to it, though, blogging about the nine-to-five hours makes “The Man” nervous, and that’s good enough.

Here are some techniques you can use to safely and effectively maintain a blog about the useless idiots (i.e. everybody except you) at your place of work without getting fired and, more importantly, gain money and fame. Follow these suggestions faithfully and you’ll have a blog-site that’ll draw in thousands of readers every day and you’ll earn the fear, respect, and bribes from co-workers and managers who don’t want to be the next fascinating subject in your popular on-line diary! When you get right down to it, though, the sole purpose of the Internet is to tell complete strangers everywhere how much you hate the real people around you and the embarrassing things you know about them, just to give you a fleeting sense of smug self-satisfaction, isn’t it?

– Blog Everything You Find Annoying About Your Job.
– Blog With A Cover Window Ready
– Stay In The Office ‘Rumor Mill’.
– Examine The Contents Of Other People’s Desks When They Leave The Office.
– Take Covert Pictures Of Your Co-Workers & Boss For Fun Blog Commentary.
– Hack Into Workplace Computers For Incriminating Evidence.
– Point Out Your Company’s Fiscal Weaknesses.
– Refuse To Stop Blogging About Your Work, Even If Threatened With Dismissal.

In Conclusion: if you get fired for blogging about your job, sue the bastards on any legal precedent having to do with “Free Speech”. Collect the settlement. Find a new job. Blog about your new job. Get fired for blogging. Sue. Collect settlement. Repeat. You’ll be rich in no time, and maybe you will have enough funds to start a company of your own! You’ll have to hire employees, though…uh, wait a minute…

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