Fasa bulan dan tarikh hijrah di desktop anda ! ~


Hari ini aku nak presentkan salah satu produk aku yang agak lama di publishkan sebagai salah satu software open source di bawah lesen GNU General Public License.

Traymoon adalah aplikasi System-Tray yang memaparkan fasa bulan dan tarikh dalam bulan hijrah.

Screenshot Traymoon 0.1.0

Rekabentuk traymoon yang mudah dan ringkas membolehkan ia diletakkan di system tray dengan membolehkan pengguna melihat peredaran fasa bulan serta tarikh hijrah di desktop hanya dengan meletakkan mouse-pointer di atas ikon traymoon.

System tray, Traymoon 0.1.0

Traymoon dibina menggunakan bahasa pengaturcaraan C bersama win32 api, dan dikompil oleh Microsoft Visual C++ 7.1 (tanpa memerlukan msvcrt7x.dll).

Saiz yang compact dan tidak memerlukan penggunaan *.dll tambahan (spt .NET runtime, Java runtime dan VB) membuatkan traymoon tidak memerlukan ruang ingatan yang besar dan boleh di larikan di mana-mana spec komputer tanpa sebarang masalah keupayaan (Low-CPU Utilization)

Lawatilah halaman Projek Traymoon untuk versi terkini Traymoon.

Links :
Download Traymoon 0.1.0
Project Page Traymoon

Get free copy of Xchat 1.8.10 Win32 now!

Anybody wants to IRC now?

xchat logo

Well IRC is my habit that i’ve abandoned since around 2001, when the Instant Messenger (IM) began to take place in online chatting.

I started using IRC since around 1996/97 using mIRC 5.5.x, and wrote my first mIRC scripts two months after that. Then i perfected the scripts as psz-script, named after a library that i’ve been known to notoriously conducting my experiments :p.

After i started using GNU/Linux (and keep using it because i’m a bit command-line freak), i’m beginning to search for mIRC replacement for me to get online to meet up my friends on the irc server. Amongst those were shortlisted are KVirc,Zircon and xchat. But Xchat come to be the best irc client compared to others. It is easy to use, light and scriptable and user friendly for those who just migrated from MS-Windows platform. One of the best feature of Xchat is the transparency setting !

xchat screenshot

I’ve continued to use xchat even on MS-Windows especially when i’m on untrusted computer (such as cyber-cafe and lab) because of it’s more reliable than mIRC when comes to trojan, malicious scripts and etc…

Sadly now, the xchat project have stopped offering Xchat for Windows for free, and removed all binary release of xchat-win32 prior Xchat 2.4.0. For me, this is somehow inconvenice, since i love using Xchat 1.8.x series since it have less trouble and more stable than it’s newer releases which uses the ever-clashing dll from GTK 2.x.

I guess the Xchat project have their own reasons to discontinue offering the win32 version for free (which makes xchat no better than mIRC), and i could understand that.

But what i couldnt understand is why they removed all xchat win32 binary version prior 2.4.x from their servers?

Fortunately for us xchat have been released under GNU GPL which enables further distribution of binary version of the software as long as you provide the source code in the same location as the binary.

FYI, I’ve been able to cook up xchat 1.8.10 for the readers to download. Thanks to Gading Kencana Sdn Bhd for hosting the files :). MS-Windows users, for those who love classics, theres xchat for you…

Xchat 1.8.10 win32 binary
Xchat 1.8.10 Source code

Click here for free version of Xchat 2.4.x (Win32)

Recommended reading :
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Intro to mIRC
Xchat website

I need a rest

Ok i know i’ve been working to hard by looking myself at the mirror, my eyes seems to be more garfield-like with dark shades below them and i really felt quite tired… I guess its time to get myself away from the keyboard for awhile. Take a holiday, need a rest…

p/s : i already typed my next article half-way, i guess it need to wait until next few days before i actually published it… good nite everybody…


mypapit 1st blog

Hurayy.. Ini merupakan kali kedua aku tulis blog, setelah berjaya siapkan kejer bertimbun2… arghh… byknya kejer, dah tu disiapkan cepat2 pulak. Sib baik la dapat gak cari masa nak buat blog nie..

hmm.. sorry pasal template nie, plain jer… template nie pun punyala modified, tp last2 jadi lame jugak sbb takder time nak edit gambar,buat efek etc… tapi takper segalanya akan berubah menjelang minggu depan.

Anyhow, since nie merupakan 1st official blog, aku nak terangkan konsep blog aku nie kat korang semua. Blog nie actually bukan pasal diri aku sgt, sbb aku tak pandai nak express diri aku kat org lain mahupun diri aku sendiri. Tapi blog nie lebih kepada benda2 yang berjaya menakjubkan aku terutamanya dlm bidang :

  • teknologi komputer
  • internet
  • open source
  • GNU/Linux

Sebab aku dpt banyak request org terutamanya dari kengkawan lama utk buat website yang berkonsepkan information.. anyhow stay tune for more posts…