Perl IP Subnet Calculator

Hey, i came across this website after strolling around the web aimlessly. It’s IP Subnet Calculator written in perl. Great tools if you are lazy enough to calculate the subnet by your own. The web application is downloadable and in perl. And of course You can host it on your website for other people to use and benefit too.

This applications works great if you want to design your network and break it into a more manageable subnet.

Here’s the link : Perl Ipcalc

I hope that some people would develop an ip/subnet calculator for IPV6 and release it under one of the FOSS license. I’m too busy (and sometime too lazy?) to write one…

p/s : freeware would be ok, but FOSS is way-way better, because other people could port it on other platform.

GeeXboX – Embedded Linux Media Player

Today I want to discuss about GeeXBoX, a linux distribution geared up to be a stand alone Media Player. GeeXBoX is a free linux distribution which aims to bring digital home entertainment with Linux to the next level. With GeeXBoX, you can happily play DVD, VCD, streaming video, MPEG-4 videos, picture slideshows, listen to MP3/Ogg music and many more without the need of hard disk.

GeeXBooX boot Screenshot

Built with embedded system architecture in mind, the GeeXBoX can run on even a lower end machine with a minimum requirements of Pentium-II/Celeron class PC (333MHz) and at least 64MB RAM, no harddisk or network connection required!

GeeXBooX Menu Screenshot

As a bonus, GeeXBoX also supports remote control via LIRC-backend interface, now you can control your media box just like you are controlling your own tv set-tops!

In-play Menu

You can download GeeXBoX ISO from the GeeXBoX Project Website and burn it right into your CD to test it. You might be wondering how large is the ISO will be with those functionality and cute graphics? 400MB? 250MB? 50MB? No, no and no… GeeXBoX is only 6MB in size! Couldn’t believe it? Why dont you download and try GeeXBoX now, you won’t regret it…

References :
GeeXBoX Website

FourCC Changer (divx) avi under Linux !

Hello everybody…

I’ve created an AviC clone under GNU/Linux ! Lames isn’t it?

For those who don’t know, AviC is a cute little tiny tool for changing FourCC under windows. And have been popular among MPEG4 users throughout the world.

gfourcc screenshot

AviC have been widely use by people who want to view their XviD encoded file in DivX MPEG4 player (the hardware players). Some people use AviC to identify the codec used to encoded their *.avi files.

However, one day i noticed that there’s no equaivalent of AviC tool in the Linux world. I’ve searched the internet for answers, but it got me into DivX Forum, where a user is asking for Linux-equaivalent of AviC.

Not satisfied with the answers that i get, i’ve started a stupid project to make my own AviC clone for Linux, and here it is! My goal for this project is only to make a tool that closely resemble AviC in its appearance as well as its functionality.

As an improvement, I also include some check-up to make sure that the user is selecting the right file before changing it’s FourCC !! I also created gfourcc command-line counterpart “cfourcc”, for the users to choose from. Both gfourcc and cfourcc can be downloaded from their respective project site :

Lastly, for those who read up until here and still dont have a clue about what am I talking about please read the references links below. Bye for now! :)

Refereces :
1. gfourcc project website
2. Fourcc Information
3. Description of how Fourcc works
4. watson387 Linux FourCC problem
5. AviC FourCC Changer
6. MPEG-4 Compression
7. XviD MPEG-4 Codec
8. DivX MPEG-4 Cocec

Moon Phase on your hand phone

Hari ini aku nak discuss pasal application yang aku buat untuk hand phone dgn Palm, application nie boleh display Fasa Bulan dengan tarikh Hijrah. Aku berjaya portkan program Traymoon aku dari system tray Windows application kepada handphone dengan Palm.

Fasa Bulan in Phone Emulator

So sekarang nie korang semua boleh semak fasa bulan dengan tarikh hijrah straight dari henset ataupun PDA korang. :)

Actually aku dah berjaya buat ni sejak 2-3 bulan lepas, tapi memandangkan masa tu aku takder port untuk buat presentation + promosi, so benda ni aku KIV-kan dulu sampai la hari nie.

Handphone application nie actually boleh run dalam mana-mana handphone yang mempunyai Java support. Application nie boleh gak run kat PalmOS (version 3.x keatas) asalkan user palm tu install extension Midp2Palm. Antara hand phone yang di uji dengan menggunakan application nie adalah Nokia 3100, 6230, 6260, 3650, Siemen S55, M46.

Fasa Bulan in Nokia 6230 Emulator

Terdapat bug dlm Symbian OS Nokia Series 6.x (3650) yang menyebabkan application nie kekadang hang. Bagi user yang menggunakan Nokia Symbian OS tersebut, anda digalakkan mendownload applikasi (reduced version) yang tidak memasukkan beberapa ciri-ciri user-friendly (ItemStateListener). Ini merupakan bug implementasi Symbian OS Nokia Series 6.x bukan bug Fasa Bulan.

Fasa Bulan in PalmOS Emulator

Aplikasi Fasa Bulan untuk handphone ini masih lagi dalam peringkat awalan, dan ini merupakan versi pre-release untuk kegunaan umum buat sementara waktu. Segala komen and pendapat anda adalah sangat dihargai untuk memajukan/memantapkan aplikasi ini. Aplikasi ini akan direleasekan mengikut terma dan syarat GNU General Public License versi 2.0 sekiranya ia stabil dan siap sepenuhnya. Bahasa pengaturcaraan Java telah digunakan untuk membangunkan aplikasi ini beserta J2ME toolkit.

Anda juga boleh meng-install aplikasi ini terus ke handphone anda menerusi kemudahan GPRS, anda hanya perlu pointkan browser anda kepada url ini

Download Fasa Bulan Midlet at :
1. Fasa Bulan Alpha | jar
2. Fasa Bulan for buggy phone, Symbian Series 60 | jar
3. Fasa Bulan for Palm OS

Additional Information :
1. Java 2 Micro Edition Website
2. MIDlet for Palm

Netscape Browser 8.0 Released


Netscape, browser yang berpengaruh suatu masa dulu dah keluarkan release terbarunya iaitu Netscape 8.0 yang berdasarkan browser Mozilla Firefox 1.0.3. Ini merupakan release Netscape major netscape selepas AOL mengeluarkan release terdahulu Netscape 7.0 yang menggunakan kod berasaskan Mozilla 1.0. Release kali ini menyaksikan perubahan ketara terhadap Netscape dimana buat pertama kalinya ia menggabungkan kefungsian Internet Explorer 6.0 dan Mozilla Firefox dalam satu browser. Hal ini membolehkan pengguna boleh membuat pilihan enjin untuk browse internet disamping mengurangkan masalah keserasian (compatibility problem) ntuk melayari beberapa website.


Antara kefungsian terbaru yang ditawarkan oleh netscape kali ini adalah Live Content yang memaparkan RSS Feed secara terus ke browser anda seperti horizontal ticker. Selain itu, Langkah Netscape yang menggabungkan kefungsian enjin Internet Explorer 6.0 dan Gecko merupakah suatu yang agak mengejutkan. Netscape dipetik sebagai menyatakan tujuan menggabungkan kedua-dua enjin ini dalam browser terbarunya dapat membantu pengguna untuk melayari internet yang selama ini dikuasai oleh kedua-dua enjin browser tersebut. Ini secara tidak langsung membolehkan pengguna dapat melayari semua website tanpa sebarang masalah compatibility yang sering dialami website yang dibina mengikut Mozilla Firefox (atau enjin berasaskan Gecko) ataupun Internet Explorer.

Live Content, Weather


1. Download Netscape 8.0
2. Website Netscape 8.0
3. Portal

Get free copy of Xchat 1.8.10 Win32 now!

Anybody wants to IRC now?

xchat logo

Well IRC is my habit that i’ve abandoned since around 2001, when the Instant Messenger (IM) began to take place in online chatting.

I started using IRC since around 1996/97 using mIRC 5.5.x, and wrote my first mIRC scripts two months after that. Then i perfected the scripts as psz-script, named after a library that i’ve been known to notoriously conducting my experiments :p.

After i started using GNU/Linux (and keep using it because i’m a bit command-line freak), i’m beginning to search for mIRC replacement for me to get online to meet up my friends on the irc server. Amongst those were shortlisted are KVirc,Zircon and xchat. But Xchat come to be the best irc client compared to others. It is easy to use, light and scriptable and user friendly for those who just migrated from MS-Windows platform. One of the best feature of Xchat is the transparency setting !

xchat screenshot

I’ve continued to use xchat even on MS-Windows especially when i’m on untrusted computer (such as cyber-cafe and lab) because of it’s more reliable than mIRC when comes to trojan, malicious scripts and etc…

Sadly now, the xchat project have stopped offering Xchat for Windows for free, and removed all binary release of xchat-win32 prior Xchat 2.4.0. For me, this is somehow inconvenice, since i love using Xchat 1.8.x series since it have less trouble and more stable than it’s newer releases which uses the ever-clashing dll from GTK 2.x.

I guess the Xchat project have their own reasons to discontinue offering the win32 version for free (which makes xchat no better than mIRC), and i could understand that.

But what i couldnt understand is why they removed all xchat win32 binary version prior 2.4.x from their servers?

Fortunately for us xchat have been released under GNU GPL which enables further distribution of binary version of the software as long as you provide the source code in the same location as the binary.

FYI, I’ve been able to cook up xchat 1.8.10 for the readers to download. Thanks to Gading Kencana Sdn Bhd for hosting the files :). MS-Windows users, for those who love classics, theres xchat for you…

Xchat 1.8.10 win32 binary
Xchat 1.8.10 Source code

Click here for free version of Xchat 2.4.x (Win32)

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