jar2jad – My first python application

I’m publishing my first python apps from my self-taught python class as promised.

This apps generates JAD file from *.jar file which is widely used in J2ME java mobile application. This apps is simple+compact and can be executed in any platform that supports python.

I was going to publish this earlier, but I’ve been busy for the past few days doing other stuff besides python.

Download links

  1. jar2jad-0.1.tar.gz
  2. jar2jad-0.1.zip

Python is interesting, i might create and publish more apps in python to polish up my skills.

Installing Java 2 SDK on Debian GNU/Linux and Ubuntu

Java Logo

Warning, this article is outdated!, please refer to the newer article

Install Java SDK and JRE in Ubuntu ?

Want to install Java 2 SDK (j2sdk) in your Debian or Ubuntu? Well, I’ve created a home-made package for Java 2 SDK 1.4.2.

First download the deb from either of this mirror:

  1. Rapidshare.de
  2. Mirror #1

and after that, just do :
$ sudo dpkg -i sun-j2sdk1.4_1.4.2_09_i386.deb

and Sun Java 2 SDK 1.4.2 should be installed in your system by now. You can refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Java if you want to build other Sun Java deb package (like Java 1.5.0)

That’s all for today folks, happy programming in Java!

Fancy playing Privateer Remake

title screen

I’ve just noticed back few days ago, that the good people from the open source have brought up Privateer Remake back in the gaming world.

I’ve long thought that Privateer would be doomed to be played inside a DOS only, but now with the effort of the open source community, the game is brought back into not only Windows, but in GNU/Linux and MacOSX.


The popularity of Wing Commander Privateer have spawned many space-combat game base on space-freelancer where you can customize your ship and take freelancing missions such as Vegastrike itself and Microsoft’s Freelancer.

For the uninitiated, Privateer is a game based on Wing Commander Universe, which was popular around 1994-1997. It’s one of the best space combat simulator game, rich with hot space-combat action and compelling storyline.

Manual Cover

Characters in the game interact with each other with non-linear storyline depending on your decision and choices made by you, making the game is enjoyable to play over-and-over again. An element that i find missing in modern games nowadays, which is now depends more on 3D graphics and harsh elements rather than gameplay.

Back to Privateer Remake, the remake of the game is done briliantly, utilizing the VegaStrike Engine. The ship model is replicated down to details, however the game itself is further enhanced from the original Privateer. Veterans from the old DOS days would easily pointed out which elements have been altered in Privateer Remake.


The only thing missing from the Privateer Remake is the cutscene and inflight movies which copyright belongs to EA/Origins System Inc.

All-in-all, Privateer Remake is a nice game to play, if you wish to relive those good old days.

Other resources :
Wing Commander CIC
Vegastrike Engine

Gnomefiles – the GTK+ software repository

Have trouble finding FOSS software that uses GUI? Are you seeking certain apps that would fit nicely on your GNOME desktop? Then, you should pay a visit to GnomeFiles

GnomeFiles Logo

GnomeFiles is a software repository which list GTK+/GNOME application exclusively. The website lists applications (in source or binary form) created for the GNOME Desktop and also all GTK+ applications (Unix/Linux/Windows & SkyOS).

The website also list application which uses Gnome/GTK+ bindings such as wxWidgets, pyGTK, GTK#, Java SWT, perl-GTK2, ruby-GTK, etc.

Although GnomeFiles also accepts application submission which is not 100% FOSS, but IMHO, it is a great source to search for GUI application which is supported under Unix-like system, such as GNU/Linux and *BSD.

Visit GnomeFiles at http://gnomefiles.org

Opera now includes built-in BitTorrent

Opera software makes an inovative move to include BitTorrent client inside their browser. The integration of this technology will allow end users to download files faster by taking full advantage of available bandwidth and reducing the chance of delays when multiple users go after the same file.

Although BitTorrent users is notoriously known to conduct illegal software exchanging, Opera Software is positive towards its implementation in their browser.

Opera rationalize their move by comparing BitTorrent use for piracy with the use of HTTP or FTP protocol to conduct illegal downloads by stating :

“Opera does not encourage the use of BitTorrent, FTP and HTTP protocols for downloading illegal, copyright infringing material.”

The original announcement from Opera software can be found here
Download Opera 8.02 Preview here